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Why Me?

by Foxipooh

For years I thought "I must be crazy"
Why did everyone think I was lazy?
I used to run and work and play.
Now I'm exhausted at the end of the day.

What happened to my vision? I used to see fine.
Now it is hard to see just one line.
Red and green were as clear as a bell.
I can't see that stoplight now. Oh hell!

My writing drew envy - so neat and so clear.
Then the numbness set in and so did the fear.
I must be crazy ! What's happening to me?
Where is the person I used to be?

My sister has got it. I watched her grow worse.
My best friend too - he had the curse.
I knew what it was but denied till the end.
Why must it be me? Why won't it mend?

One finally gives in and succumbs to the tests.
You know what they'll say but you hope for the best.
The Doctortries to assure you and put you at ease.
But "You have MS" that dreaded disease!

"There is no cure, but you may still be sound."
"If you really get bad, we'll wheel you around."
Why me dear God? In the prime of my life!
What did I do wrong to deserve such strife?

You cry out your eyes and try to deny it.
The tears help a little, but only a bit.
You are angry and mad at all of mankind.
Oh give me the strength ! Where can I find?

You struggle your time until you face the disease.
I have MS and MS will not have me!
No day is easy. Some are harder than others.
You make the most of life and forget your druthers.

If you can face this horrid affliction.
You'll start to see your new direction.
One day at a time, you'll see your design.
Above all else, you still have your mind.

The roses smell better than ever before.
The sun shines brighter and more and more.
I am not crazy, but differently abled.
I missed all theses things about which are fabled.

I have MS. Yes indeed.
But I will strive to have it,
So it won't have me!

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