Jooly's Joint: people with MS supporting each other

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What's MS?

by Lynn M Facto

You have to be a Miraculously Special person
to deal with the Menacing Symptoms of MS.

It takes a Most Superior attitiude,
to cope with the Many Surprises this disease has to offer.

We are More Susceptible to illness
and we need to keep our bodies Mighty Strong.

Life can be a Major Struggle,so,
we give thanks to our Many Supporters who help ease our pain.

Some say MS Means Special, I disagree,
I say it means Mighty Spirit, without one you'd go nowhere.

When MS has you down, think of the Multiple Suffers who feel your pain,
and know that a Multitude of Sentiments are with you.

Lyn writes: I wrote this because of the inspiration I get from the friends have met through Jooly's Joint. My poem is dedicated to my Major Supporters, My husband Bill, my children Bradley and Abbie, my stepson Steven his wife and my good friend Jeanne and my grandson Dominic. Without their love and support , I would be nowhere today. I thank them for all the understanding.

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