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Wendy's Story

When JJ member Wendy decided to trace her birth mother, little did she know just how much they would have in common...

Wendy (also known as 'Wendylayne') lives in Texas, USA. She was diagnosed with MS in August 2000.

Wendy was adopted at birth. When she became pregnant with her first child in 1996, Wendy became curious to find out more about her birth mother. Wendy picks up the extraordinary story...

Wendy"In 1996 I became pregnant and decided that I wanted to find my biological parents. At that time, it was strictly due to curiosity. I wanted to know who I looked like and who my children might look like.

"I started to make enquires through the Kentucky court system in 1997, but all doors were closed to me, forcing me to give up my search.

"In 1998-2000 I began to have severe medical problems. The doctors treating me couldn't figure out what was wrong. I was diagnosed with depression because I was going through a divorce. I experiencd migraines (no medicine helped the pain), stress (the doctor said to go see a massage therapist) and and found I was getting sick every month, which wasn't like me.

"One day in 2000, I went to the hospital. The doctor gave me a shot of Demerol (the dose usually given to a 300lb man), but the pain was still there. The doctor said that I needed to see a neurologist for an MRI scan.

"So I did. The neurologist said I had a few lesions on my brian, and wanted to get a further MRI of the spine and a spinal tap. She said she believed I had either Lupus or MS, but added, "you're mobile, so you probably don't have MS".

"Well, the spinal tap came back, along with the MRI spinal scan. Result: MS. I was actually happy to to get a final diagnosis after so much uncertainty. I started Avonex and few other medications to help with depression and fatigue.

"In 2002, I started to see a new neurologist, who was fabulous. He truly believes that MS is hereditary, so I decided to resume the search for my birth parents. My neurologist wrote a letter to the courts explaining why I needed to find my parents. As a consequence of his letter the case was re-opened and the court fee was waived.

"After several much correspondence between me and the courts, I was finally granted custody of my legal documents. I received a huge package on 31 May 2003, containing all my biological information.

"On 1 June 2003 I found my mother, and the following day I spoke to her.

"We met on 7 June 2003. She revealed that she was diagnosed with Lupus in 1997, but had not had any diagnostic tests done to confirm this.

"Our symptoms are identical. Knowing this, she went to talk to her doctor who now believes that my mother also has MS."

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