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Smiling sun JJ friends wish Wendy happy birthday!

On Saturday 17 February 2001, JJ members from around the world came to the UK to celebrate Wendy's 50th birthday!


The JJ gang

The JJ gang: in the back row we have John from the USA (aka Pracbum), Steve from The Netherlands (aka SteveNL) and Emma (Gill's daughter); in the front row are Chris (aka chRis), Wendy and Gill, who all live in the UK.

Wendy's cake

Wendy's cake was decorated with characters from Disney's Winnie the Pooh!

Chris, Wendy, Gill

Wendy writes: "I had previously met 3 of the 4 people from Jooly's Joint who came to my party - funnily enough, the one I hadn't met lived the closest to me!! When we all met, we talked as if we had always known each other - we just carried on as if we we still in the chatroom - nothing had changed! I feel very privileged that people had travelled so far to be with me to celebrate my birthday - it meant so much to me."


Wendy's partner Geoff and daughter Julie join the group photo.


Steve travelled from the Netherlands just to be there.

John and Marge

John and Marge.

Emma and Gill

Gill and daughter Emma hit the dancefloor!

Geoff and Wendy

Geoff and Wendy at the end of a happy evening.

Very sadly, John had a fatal heartattack a few weeks after returning to the US. John had been a member of Jooly's Joint for many years and had a great number of friends here. Wendy's friendship with John was very special, with John travelling all the way from the US to help celebrate Wendy's birthday. John will be missed by all his friends at JJ, and we all feel very lucky to have known him and to have shared his friendship.

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