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by Susan D. Wynn

Remember Weebles, those toys that "wobble but they don't fall down"?

Well, I got the idea, when I was first diagnosed, that I was becoming a Weeble (haven't fallen down yet). Herewith are Weeble-isms that I think all MSers can relate to:

  • Weeble bees - Those buzzing sensations we get
  • Weeble needles - What we (or others) poke us with
  • Weeble deeds - The things we Weebles do
  • Weeble-minded - The "duh" factor - neurons not firing
  • Weeble wobbles - We get them, but hopefully, we don't fall down!
  • Feeble weebles - Weak Weebles
  • Weeble dribbles - Leaky plumbing
  • Weeble heebie jeebies - Say that 3 times fast! This is when we just can't sit still.
  • Weeble Tree-mors - What I have (tremors)
  • Weeble peers - Fellow Weebles
  • Weeble knees - Weak knees
  • Weeble weenies - What Weebles eat at barbecues
  • Able Weebles- What we are, despite MS symptoms
  • Weeble ramblings - Hmmm, my train of thought just choo-chooed away!
  • Weeble weepies - What we get when we are sad
  • Weeble doubting - When our self-esteem level goes down
  • Weeble "woe-is-me's"- When we're feeling sorry for ourselves
  • Weeble wallowing - Weeble woe-is-me
  • Weeble whims - Logic? Hmmm, I forgot what that means!
  • Weeble whoopsies - Weeble boo-boo's (ouch!)
  • Weeble boo-boo's - Weeble whoopsies (what did you expect?)
  • Weeble wishes - Good ones, Weeble to Weeble (and to others, too)
  • Weeble coaster - Yikes! New symptoms! Yay! I feel better! Yikes! New symptoms! Yay, I feel better! And so on . . .
  • Weeble rings & bongs - Tinnitus (ringing in ears)
  • Weeble wee - What we do a lot of! (I know, a dangled participle!)
  • Weeble frenzies - What happens when we stress out
  • Weeble flop - What Weebles do at the end of the day
  • Weeble geezers - Old Weebles
  • Weeble warped - What our senses of humor are!
  • Weeble woozies - When we're dizzy
  • Weeble wiggles - When we can't sit still (see Weeble heebie jeebies)
  • Weeble labels - What others sometimes place on us :(
  • Weeble helpers - Docs and nurses that treat us
  • Weeble wisdom - What we gain, with experience
  • Weeble whoopie - What we make :)))
  • Weeble squeezes - Our 'significant others'
  • Weeble bobbles - The dropsies!
  • Weeble ware - Assistive devices
  • Weeble wheels - Wheelchairs Weeble waddling - The way I walk on 'bad days'
  • Weeble shuffle - The OTHER way I walk on 'bad days'
  • Weeble words - Wrong words! Tomato instead of Tornado, Republicans instead of Racoons!
  • Weeble babble - A whole series of wrong words, as in, 'I really liked today's message about the Bower of Table. It was gilly rood.'
  • Weeble whipped - What we are when we are fatigued
Here's our Weeble Pledge:

We, as members of We Be Weebles, will live by the Weeble Creed, as we all ride on the Weeble Coaster of MS. We will provide our Weeble Peers with Weeble Words of Wisdom, steer them clear of Weeble Woe-is-me's and Weeble Weepies, and help to make them Able Weebles, each in their own Weeble Way. We will give our Weeble Squeezes all the Weeble love we have, doing good Weeble Deeds wherever we can, even after we've become Weeble Geezers!

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