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A little Walt Disney in all of us

by Rakaye

Most Disney movies have themes that make us cry, laugh, cheer, boo, or applaud. What's even better is that anyone and everyone can find their own personality traits in some of the characters. It discriminates against none, including those with inconveniences (a.k.a. disabilities). Have a little fun, see what characters you are most like. I would like to share mine, to prove, that even with an inconvenience, I'm just like everybody else, able to find a little bit of Disney in myself.

When it comes to personality, I'm like the 7 dwarfs: Happy, Grumpy, Dopey, Bashful, Sleepy, Sneezy, and Doc. My appetite's like Snow White's, sometimes eating what I shouldn't. At times, my energy level is like Sleeping Beauty's, just let me sleep! I am often like Benji, trying to rescue someone who has led me into trouble. As with Pinocchio, I've found the wrong crowd can mean disaster and it's always best to tell the truth. I'm close to Peter Pan in wishing there was a never, never land. Like Alice in wonderland, I may wind up in the wrong place, and like Lady, I sometimes fall for the Tramp!

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