Jooly's Joint: people with MS supporting each other

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Smiling sun Friends united!

Viv and ConnieYou may remember Viv from Worcester, UK from her appearance on UK TV show 'Cash in the Attic'. Viv got in touch with Jooly's Joint recently to tell us that she recently met up with JJ member Connie Jackson from Tennessee. Connie's name may also be familiar as she spent time showing JJ member Keith from Yorkshire, UK around her home town not so long ago!

Confused? Don't be! Jooly's Joint is a community of friends with MS, and it's great to hear when friends overcome the limitations of MS and distance to travel miles to get to know each other better.

Viv met Connie through Jooly's Joint in 2000. And Connie introduced Viv to Keith. Now all three are good friends!

Viv and KeithConnie says of Viv, "She's my English sister, as it feels like we've known each other all our lives. It's not just that we both have MS. We also have so much in common."

The photo of Viv with Connie was taken at Viv's local Indian restaurant. The photo of Viv with Keith was taken in the local pub where Viv is holding a photo of Connie and Keith taken when they were together in Tennessee!

Keith, Connie and VivUpdate! A meal on Friday 4 November 2005 proved to be a very special occasion for three JJ friends. Although Connie Jackson from Nashville, Tennessee had met before both of her English JJ webpals Keith Rhodes of Halifax, West Yorkshire and Viv Mitchell from Darwen, Lancashire on separate trips, the three of them had never all met up together before.

Pictureque Scaitcliffe Hall, Todmorden was the chosen venue, a truly a grand location for a memorable gathering. After a toast to absent friends (including another JJ webpal Sarah from Scotland), Connie, Keith and Viv drank a toast to Jooly’s Joint without which they would never have met and become such great friends.

Viv, Keith, Connie
Update! October 2007. Connie underwent drastic duodenal switch surgery last year where she had half her stomach removed. Keith and Viv are delighted that Connie has made a full recovery and was able to travel back 'over-the-pond' to meet up with them again - for their third reunion!

Viv says, "We all met through this fantastic site and we really are 'friends for life' where distance is no boundary and we think of each other as siblings!

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