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A Valentine's Poem

by Nana

How many people have the pleasure to say,
I have so many friends to send greetings to today.
How many people in the world are blessed like I,
My friends who laugh when I do and care when I cry.

It hardly seems possible it has been a short time,
Since I surfed on the net for an interest to find.
Little did I know what the Lord had in store,
He had a new family waiting for me at the door.

They welcomed me in and it felt so good there,
Each one so special, each one showed they cared.
Though names were so silly it took time to learn,
It wasn't very long till for their company I yearned.

Friends who support me in trials and in woes,
And who know what it's like when you stump your toes.
They understand your symptoms, ups and the downs,
But in Jooly's a smile comes and erases my frowns.

I wonder if Jooly knows what she's done for me,
You see she opened my world back up and now I see,
I am not lonely, I have all my friends,
They are like a treasure you find at a rainbows end.

It seems quite appropriate this day of all days,
To say how much I appreciate them in so many ways
Valentines is a day set aside to show people love,
But everyday I love you...and thank God up above.

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