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Loving Danny

A novel by Hilary Freeman

Loving Danny is a novel by Hilary Freeman

Jooly's Joint member Hilary Freeman is a journalist and agony aunt for CosmoGirl! Now Hilary turns her considerable talents to writing her first novel.
It's called 'Loving Danny' and it's fabulous!

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MS Assistance Card New
People with MS often need help quickly and find it difficult or embarrassing to explain why. A discreet new ‘assistance card’ from the MS Society explains that a person has MS, reassures that it is not infectious and describes everyday situations where help could be given. A person may need a toilet urgently, be at high risk of stumbling and falling, or not able to see clearly and needs guidance. The card, which can be slipped into a wallet, pocket or handbag, will explain if fatigue or weakness means asking to go to the front of the queue or if MS is the cause of slurred speech. Order the card from the MS Society website.

'Personal Details for Admission to Hospital' Card New
The MS Society has produced a four-page, 15cm x 21cm card to fill in and show hospital staff to let them know you have MS and how much assistance you will need during a stay in hospital. Order the card from the MS Society website.

Do you have Sky TV? New
Did you know that if you have Sky TV you can watch some programmes with 'audio description'? Audio description enhances programmes for people who can't see the TV screen clearly. It describes what's happening on the screen so that you can enjoy watching TV even if you can't see the TV screen too well.

It's really simple to set up and even if you have good sight you might still find audio described programmes useful. Try it whilst doing the ironing or other jobs around the house; it enables you to keep up to speed with what's happening on the programme without having to physically stop and watch! If you have Sky (and over 7 million UK households do), it is easy to setup audio description:
  • On the remote control press the services button at the top right.
  • Select system setup
  • Select language settings
  • On this page you will see a simple toggle setting for audio description to be on or off. Use the right arrow key to move to on.
  • A few lines below you will see an option to turn on beep on audio description. This is very useful and if you choose on you will find that you will hear a short beep every time you tune to a channel currently broadcasting audio description.

The easiest way to sample audio description is to watch one of the major soaps such as Coronation street, Emmerdale or East Enders which are always described. You can turn audio description off again by going through the process above or you can temporally turn it off by pressing the help button (to the right of the backup button) and selecting "audio description off" on the menu that appears. This will turn it off for the current programme you are watching. Do give it a go and tell your friends.

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Fancy chatting with other JJ members?
With JJUK you can exchange email with over 350 UK MSers.
JJUK is your opportunity to make new friends and chat about MS, life and everything in between!

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  • AsianMS - Gurjit Sihota
    07958-36 51 16 (women only)
    Sanjay Chadha 07968-77 15 76
    FAO Sanjay Shah, AsianMS, 372 Edgware Road, London NW2 6ND
  • Shane Project (support for African/Caribbean people with MS)


If you like going to live concerts and rock gigs,
check out Attitude is Everything!

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