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Smiling sun Welsh friends get together for pizza!

Seven friends who met through Jooly's Joint's email discussion list JJUK got together for an afternoon of fun in South Wales in January 2003.

Nerissa picks up the story...

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We meet at Mccarther Glenn retail outlet village on a sunny Friday afternoon.

Jan, Dave, Nerissa, Earling, Jacqui's husband, Jacqui and Nessa

First to arrive were Nessa and myself both looking confused as I thought she had shorter hair and she thought I had blonde hair but we soon spotted one another!

Earling, Jacqui and Nessa

Dave and Jan rolled up next, just back from holiday in Tenerife, sporting matching lovely tans. I received a call from Jacqui and her husband. They had been on a little detour thanks to Jacqui's navigation!

We all pile into the lift

We had coffee in the food court, a nice airy space with excellent access for all. Earling was meeting us later so after finishing up we went to the pizza restaurant located upstairs.


My personal assistant Anne left to do a bit of shopping and we all settled down to hot gossip and plenty of pizza. Earling turned up at about 1pm and that completed our group for the afternoon.


Plenty of laughs and a couple of beers later, we had put the world to rights and it was time to get going. Jacqui and Earling left for some retail therapy and Dave and Jan gave Nessa a lift back to Swansea.

Dave and Nerissa

My PA Anne and myself wrapped up and went home after a brilliant afternoon with good friends, all down to JJUK as we would of not met otherwise.

Earling, Jacqui and Nessa

We are looking forward to our next meeting and hope more will join us next time!

Jan, Dave, Nerissa, Earling, Jacqui and Nessa

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