Jooly's Joint: people with MS supporting each other

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Smiling sun Susanne is flying high!

Jooly's Joint member Susanne from Houston, Texas, USA got to meet one of her greatest heroines in August 2003.

Susanne with Polly Vacher MBE

British pilot Polly Vacher MBE, who is circumnavigating the globe via the poles in a single engine aricraft, visited Houston to meet members of 'The Ninety-Nines', and international association of women pilots.

Among those waiting to greet Polly was our own Susanne York.

Susanne can be proud of her own personal achievements - she earned her pilots license after being diagnosed with MS.

Susanne explains why Polly flew in to meet her and the other Ninety-Niners...

"Polly was flying to raise flight instruction scholarships for people with disabilities. Our chapter of the Ninety-Nines welcomed Polly to Houston with a small party and she entertained us with her stories of survival training and her monumental flight.

"Polly's organisation is called World Wings. We are hoping to start a similar program in the USA/Canada.

"Polly raised about $250,000 US during her last flight around the world, which was flown on a Pacific route. She takes donations and sells space on her airplane's wings for names of individuals and organisations. For $40 US your name may share the wing with HRH Prince Charles or Queen Noor!

"During her visit I was able to meet her and share with her my story of learning to fly and getting my license after being diagnosed with MS. Polly gave a brief interview to a local paper and TV station. As a disabled pilot, I was also interviewed! I hope it raised local awareness that having MS need not be a barrier to fulfilling your dreams."

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