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I am still me

By Olive Fairchild

The dreaded words were spoken
They said I had MS
So that's why I kept dropping things
I wasn't going mad

I had suspected something
but never was it this
They said I just went speechless
things were in a mess.

It was a dark time at the start
but gradually for me
the realisation came to part
this was how things were going to be
and after all I am still me.

Wait a minute more I thought
what does this mean to me
Stuck in a wheelchair all my life
No good to man nor beast

Still me to do some things I did
Still me with thoughts complete
Still me to love my family as they love me
Like I feel they want to forgive.

How could I go on living like this
I just couldn't face the facts
and anyway it can't be true
What are they talking at

I haven't changed my body has
and if I try quite hard
I can forget for a while
and not feel quite so bad

So what does MS mean to me
as I go about my life
Dropping things and falling down
are not so bad it seems
And after all
I am still me.

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