Jooly's Joint: people with MS supporting each other

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Sharing MS book cover

Smiling sun JJ friends write a book together!

Three women who met through the Jooly's Joint webpal service have written a book describing their experiences of life with MS.

'Sharing MS' contains transcripts of email conversations between Linda Ironside from Vancouver in Canada and two other ladies, Flora, also from Vancouver and Julie from Florida, USA.

The book also contains some of Linda's personal essays on health, disability and MS as well as the story of Linda's diagnosis in China in 1980.

Linda says, "I was first introduced to Julie back in 1998 through Jooly's Joint. It was a good match from the get go. We enjoyed many chats long before Julie agreed to join in the book project."

'Sharing MS' by Linda Ironside is available to buy through

From left to right, Linda, Julie and Flora


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