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Living with MS

By Seal

"A maelstrom in an hourglass;
tempest in a turtle's hair."
What to make of this new realm?
Rules to be obeyed and broken.
Two plus two=five?
Hot tempers must be repressed.
Acting the good, brave soldier.
Taking as much care as can be endured.
For now, waves of winter woe is me.
Then buds anew with incomparable hue.
'Tis good, this. To be reborn anew each planetary
cycle that rotates randomly, then merges.
Culminating in 'Mandala'*. Trying to reunify myself.
A broken pottery shard.
And he, who sits curled in a corner in search of the mother's breast. Another immersed in his verse.
Each one hoping. To extract life from their inner child's heart.
Finally, every case as different as any two snow flakes.
Dancing only lento across their keyboards.
Finding their own ways to calm the storm which undulates at disparate frequencies.
That's why 'they' ARE a community.

Manala: 1. Orient. Art. a schematized representation of the cosmos. 2. (in Jungian psychology) a symbol representing the effort to reunify the self.
Lento: slowly, in music

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