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Smiling sun Rustic Snail meets Buttons in Canada!

Distance is no object to some Jooly's Joint members!

In March 2003, 'Rustic Snail' - aka Terry from the UK - travelled across the ocean to meet his JJ webpal 'Buttons' - aka Sue - in snowy Canada!

Rustic Snail!

Terry picks up the story:

"I have just completed a 2-week trip to Canada from the UK! We travelled overland on the train and had a stopover in the Rockies. There I finally met up with 'Buttons' who I'd been talking to in the Jooly's Joint chatroom for almost a year.

"I also spent a day out on a snow mobile because someone said I wouldn't be able to do it, so I did!

"So there you have it! Some 'snails' can move fast!!"

Terry and the snowmobile
Terry in the snow at Niagra
Terry, Sue and family members

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