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Smiling sun Roy joins Government advisory committee!

Jooly's Joint member Roy Hayter from Scotland has been asked to join DPTAC, the statutory committee that advises the Government's Secretary of State for Transport.

DPTAC stands for the Disabled Persons Transport Advisory Committee.

The committee, which comprises 20 appointees from all over the UK, advises the Secretary of State on transport issues that affect people with disabilities. The committee also advises the Deputy Prime Minister and other Goverment Ministers on the accessibility of the built environment.

Roy was nominated to join the committee by the Scottish Executive.

Roy Hayter

Roy and guide dog UnisRoy says: "Two of us on the committee have MS. At least another fourteen out of the twenty committee members have a disability.

"I have been registered blind for the last seven years, through MS-reltated optic neuritis."

When asked how he felt when invited to join DPTAC, Roy said: "I feel this proves that there is light at the end of the tunnel.

"When you're told that you have MS, many people think that it's the end of the world. It isn't! I've had MS since 1989, and have been registered blind through MS since 1996. Despite this, I continued to work in the USA until 2000.

"From 2000 to late 2002 I felt bored and worthless. Thanks to this new opportunity, I now go down to London for three days every 2 weeks - a six hour train ride from my home in Scotland.

"It's amazing what turns up!"

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