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Poems by Lennart Rost

The Door

Alone, I tried to get through with my walker
but the door is like a spring loaded trap.
I try again to get through, I do it fast,
but the door always caught one of us.
It gives me a reason to rant and to cuss,
to use my choice Norwegian phrases
no one here has heard before.
I did not mean to make that much fuss,
I was only trying to get through that damned door!

My MS Dream

In my dream I am still back there,
I can ski in the woods, across the lakes,
race down the steepest slope without care
In my dream the winter is fun, it always was
I see it now, there are no slush or ice to fear
I'm back in Norway and things are still the same
suddenly I have no dragging feet and no cane.

In the summer I wear shorts, I can go swimming,
I wear no embarrassing brace, I run, always winning.
I can get dressed in a hurry, tie my shoes, wear a tie,
I feel so light and fit. In my dream I bet I could fly.
In my dream I can run in from the rain,
do it fast, not stagger and without a cane.
In my dream I am always running everywhere
because only in my dream can I forget about a chair.
In my dream both legs are working and I'm not even here.

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