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Robber and a Thief

by Mike, UK (Mike's wife has MS)

Multiple Sclerosis, I have discovered, is a robber and a thief,
It came along and altered our expectations beyond belief,
It robs lovers, friends, partners, husbands and wives,
Removing movement, eyesight, dignity, in fact everything in our lives.

To fight and stop this thief from taking what we hold so dear,
Is hard, and almost proving impossible is what I am finding, I fear,
As a carer, I'm living a life which is affected by the things it chooses to steal,
Restricting my freedom, choices, making me say, "I wish this was not real".

But being morbid is something which will be silly and I'll end up feeling down,
I must therefore always smile because friends, family dislike it when I frown,
Memories, and appreciating things we can do together is what I must treasure,
But to improve my life I'm creating more space for me to have some pleasure.

Help will be sought from every avenue, in fact I had better begin to think,
For if I fail in this life, I will not swim to success, I will surely begin to sink!

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