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Relapse Number Two

by Julie Gallagher

‘Twas only four fleeting summers ago
“So sorry, you’re right”, “It’s MS, I know”

Fobbed off, hypochondriac, in a word ‘neurotic’
The final diagnosis not a shock, more a tonic

And by then the pain and sensations were gone
My body and mind reunited as one

This change in my life, with that I could deal
But a reminder right now of how it can feel

Is no longer a battle with the medical profession
Rather an unexpected confession

To myself acknowledging this illness inside
From which undeniably I cannot hide

When with each single step my legs may crumble
Like a drunk on a mission I might trip and stumble

Every part of my body feels unbalanced and sick
A worse time for this relapse I could not pick

But worse is this prospect ­ a future of dread
So I search for the conciliation instead

While the behaviour of brain and nerves I can’t alter
My spirit inside shall not fade, will not falter

This sober, drunk body might just trip and fall
Yet my pride and determination stand tall

So come on you MonSter, have a go
Ding ding, round two ­ I’m still winning you know!

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