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by Malcolm Birkenshaw, UK

I'm deep into recycling, as well as saving fuel, and living in the country I combine as many activities as possible to avoid ending up driving out of my way.

Three years ago we went to my brother's wedding. Not sure what to expect - it was his second marriage, but the reception was at a posh hotel, and in another county, so I set off fully equipped with a selection of "just-in-cases" stuffed into a carrier bag.

Wow! It was as well that I did. Talk about a posh wedding, it was such a good do we ended up well lubricated and booked into the hotel for the rest of the night.

My son, with his younger legs, volunteered to get my things out of the car and we retreated to our respective rooms as the last lights dimmed. I didn't mind, the hotel's corridors having become silent as I got ready for bed - I always have been a night owl, and took my time undressing before dipping into my "just-in-case" carrier bag.

Maybe the wine had not helped, for I could not feel which was my wash-bag, so I tipped out the lot. What a clattering as empty tins and cans fell all over the floor!

Next morning I found a breakfast table in the corner and did my best to hide my unshaven face by concentrating upon the bacon, eggs and tomatoes in the hope nobody would know it had been me.

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