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Smiling sun Charissa tackles politicians on national TV!

On Thursday 9 November 2000, Jooly and JJ member Charissa Hutchins joined the audience of the famous BBC TV political debating show 'Question Time'.


The panel:

  • Former US Senator Gary Hart
  • Labour MP Diane Abbott
  • Shadow Foreign Secretary Francis Maude MP
  • Former London mayoral candidate Susan Kramer
  • Editor of the Sunday Telegraph Dominic Lawson

When the debate turned to the Millennium Dome,
here's what Charissa said:

"The Labour Government has consistenly tried to blame the Tories for coming up with the idea for the Dome. If it's the Tories' fault, why have Labour continued throwing good money after bad into the Dome? £40 million. Nobody wants them to do that. We have a failing health service that desperately needs the funds with people being refused the new drugs and treaments that are currently available."

David Dimbleby

Chairman David Dimbleby notes Charissa's point.

Diane Abbott

Labour MP Diane Abbott agrees with Charissa.

Francis Maude

Dimbleby challenges Shadow Foreign Secretary Francis Maude to address Charissa's concerns.

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