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MS Society Protest - September 2000

On Thursday 14 September 2000, 150 people with MS demonstrated outside Downing Street and succeed in blocking Whitehall with a slow procession. A small group were permitted to walk to the Prime Minister's residence with a petition signed by 120,000 people who feel that the Government should listen to people with MS and give us the drugs we need.

Don't ban the drugs we need

Members of Jooly's Joint joined the protest.

Here are the pictures....

Carron and Charissa

Carron and Charissa get ready to protest

Charissa and Mark

Charissa and Mark discuss tactics

Outside Downing Street

A small group of people with MS were selected to walk up to 10 Downing Street to hand in the MS Society petition

Protest in Whitehall

We lined Whitehall and waved our banners at passing motorists and politicians

Talking to the nice policemen

MS Society staff persuaded the police to allow us to march down the road and temporarily halt the traffic

Waiting to march

We line up for the protest march

In good voice

"Don't ban the drugs we need!"

Don't ban the drugs we need Hear our protest

Don't run me over!

Jooly was at the front of the line, and laughed nervously at the suggestion that the coach in front of her could suddenly move into reverse!

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