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Smiling sun 2nd Australian MS Get Together

On the weekend of 21/22 September 2002, members of Jooly's Joint in Australia met up at the 2nd Australian MS Get Together in Canberra.

Hennry picks up the story..

Canberra dinner

" It was a great weekend! About a dozen people with MS, their partners and carers joined in a time of comradery, bonding and fun.

"On the Friday night most people met at the Canberra club for an informal introduction and drinks. Then we retired to one of the motel rooms where a few more drinks and stories continued late into the evening.

"On Saturday morning people did several things like shopping, art galleries or visit friends then met at Canberra Floriade at lunch time. Floriade is a large outdoor garden exhibition held each year that has acres of bulbs and spring flowers set in colourful displays of brilliance. With the help of scooters the maze of paths made it a fun but tiring afternoon.

"That evening we met for a semi formal dinner which topped the weekend off to perfection.

"On Sunday morning most people ended up at local markets to try and finish off any money that remained in their pockets.

"It was a fun weekend and the organisers went to a lot of work to put it all together. Next year will be yet another new adventure."

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