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MS Society Protest - July 2000

On 27th July 2000, the MS Society and Jooly's Joint staged a protest outside the Dept of Health in London, during which people with MS wore gags.

We were protesting against the National Institute for Clinical Excellence, who are proposing that beta interferon should not be available on the NHS, while refusing to listen to people with MS.

6 members of Jooly's Joint joined the protest.

Here are the pictures....

Peter Cardy interviewed by Channel Health

MS Society Director Peter Cardy is interviewed by Channel Health

Kate photographed by the press

JJ member Kate is photographed by the press

Charissa interviewed by Channel Health

JJ member Charissa is interviewed by Channel Health

The JJ gang

Jooly's Joint members Charissa, Natalie, Paul, Rod, Jooly and Kate

Posing for photos

Jooly's Joint members pose for the press

Natalie, Rod, Jooly

Natalie, Rod and Jooly

The protest

The protest: Kate, Charrissa, Jooly

Jooly and Paul

Jooly with Paul

Jooly is photographed

Jooly is photographed outside the Dept of Health

Getting ready

Awaiting instuctions: Kate, Charissa, Jooly

Outside the Dept of Health

More photographers, Kate, Charissa, Jooly

Charissa and Jooly

Gagged by NICE: Charissa and Jooly

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