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Smiling sun JJ Niagara Falls Meet 2004

Nancy Jay, Sue, Chuck's wife, Ronnie, Mel, Kat and Jo-JoFrom 22-25 May 2004, members of Jooly's Joint gathered at Niagara Falls in Canada for 4 days of fun and food!

Jooly's Joint member Leasa organised the meet, which was described as a 'huge success' by all who attended.

Leasa says, "We had our Meet & Greet on Saturday night. The views from Hilton Niagara Falls are spectacular and the hotel staff were very good to all of us.

"On Sunday, we had a leisurely brunch in the hotel. We then went to see the Falls. Afterwards, we had supper at the noted Table Rock Restaurant right on the Falls.

"On Monday, we had optional time to see Clifton Hill and visit the Casino. Then it was time for some very emotional goodbyes.

"I have met what will be life-long friends thanks to Jooly's Joint."

Jo-jo, Leasa, Catrinky, Norma, Miss Taz, Rob, Kat and GawnLulu and RobKat

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