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It's March!

Hello everyone,

I'm sorry I've been quiet for the past few months... I wrote a book and established a business and doing both of these things took up a lot of my time.

Now I'm back... and just in time to celebrate 21 years of Jooly's Joint.

But here's the thing. There are still some big changes that I need to make in my personal life this year, including moving home. So if it's alright with you, I'm going to postpone the JJ celebrations until 2020 - so we will celebrate 25 years instead!

This is also the 25th anniversary of my MS...

While having MS isn't something to celebrate, living positively and successfully with MS is definitely something all members of Jooly's Joint should be proud of, so I've got my thinking cap on and will come up with some ideas for how we can join together to celebrate this very special anniversary.

Stay tuned!

Smiling sun What's new this month?

Chat from your iPad!

Now this is big news!

Thanks to a generous donation from a Jooly's Joint member I have been able to upgrade the Jooly's Joint chatroom so that it now works on iPhones, iPads and other tablet and mobile devices!

That's right, if you have a tablet you can now chat at Jooly's Joint from anywhere!

Why not drop in right now at

Smiling sun Remembering JoGreenDragon

Members of Jooly's Joint who use our chatroom or who attened our 8th birthday party in Nuneaton in 2003 will remember with fondness JoGreenDragon.

Jo's daughter Melanie contacted me in February to let me know the very sad news that Jo had passed away in her sleep. Jo made many friends at Jooly's Joint and I know that many of you enjoyed the warmth of Jo's friendship.

Jo's family very kindly offered to make a donation to Jooly's Joint in memory of Jo and this has helped us a great deal by covering the costs of running the Jooly's Joint website for a year.

Jo will be sadly missed by very fondly remembered by the Jooly's Joint family and I would like to thank her partner Steve (who was also at the Nuneaton party) and her daughters Melanie, Roz, Nina and Sharon for sharing Jo with us.

JoGreenDragon at Nuneaton

Jo is standing on the back row, 4th from left in the blue shirt

Smiling sun MS news



Divvy Coughlan

The Jooly's Joint Chat Room is dedicated in loving memory of Jooly's Joint member Davina 'Divvy' Coughlan, who chatted here and was a much loved friend and valuable source of support, to Jooly and to the many thousands of people with MS who come to Jooly's Joint. Divvy passed away in September 2011 as the result of a chest infection.

After discussion with Divvy's partner we have decided to remember Divvy by dedicating the Jooly's Joint chatroom to her memory. If you wish to make a donation to Jooly's Joint in memory of Divvy to help fund the Jooly's Joint chatroom you may do so here. 100% of all donations are used to fund the upkeep of the Jooly's Joint chatroom software and nothing else. Thank you.

I'm always interested in your ideas for new things at Jooly's Joint. If you've met someone through JJ who has become a close friend, or if your life has benefitted in some other way through being a member of our community, I'd love to hear from you. You can contact me via the comments form.


With very best wishes,

March 2016

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