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The MS Carnation

by LW

Oh Beautiful Carnation
I heard just the other day
You've got MS within your stem
I wondered how though, as you look so very radiant
No one knows yet, how it got there or how to make it leave
And well, treatment is still just an experiment
Remember these words I share with you
Whenever darkness should cover your gentle eyes,
Listen to the music of the birds in their flight
Feel the sunshine as it descends upon your bold little structure
Reach out your leaves and touch the textures around you and,
When the wind blows and causes you to become unsteady
Hold on my friend, to a nearby branch
If it happens that your roots are unable to hold you up
Ride freely the wheels of the daisies
When you should tire, rest peacefully on the velvety rose
Above all this, should you ever be captured
by the peircing pain of thorns and thistles
Squeeze tight, to the comfort I sent you
Never forget your creator who is
there always to embrace you with
Love and serenity
Oh Beautiful Carnation
May the tears that fall from your eyes today,
Not be lost in sadness but given in courage and strength for each tomorrow
We all know that the carnation is by far the most vigorous in,
All of nature's unexpected storms
Stand tall in your dreams radiant one
There are carnations everywhere
You are never alone in any garden
As I sent these words from my heart I must tell you,
Yesturday, I was told I have MS too
So may we all join our roots together and hold fast to hopes
That those who water our foundation,
may someday find a way
to make MS
lie dormant forever...
If not for the carnations of today then,
For the seedlings of tomorrow

© L Wilson, Chatham, Ontario, Canada

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