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MS and Me

by Sharon from Richmond, North Yorkshire, UK

Multiple Sclerosis you've got my dear
Understanding why isn't very clear
Legs can't do the Great North Run no more
Taking the dog for a walk is a chore
Injections in belly, arms and backside
Pills that rattle and roll inside
Lifestyle changes, friends stay the same
Exercise is the name of the game

Scooters and wheelchairs get in the way
Car tax is due, don't have to pay
Loos, where are they? I need to go
Eight hundred metres up a hill, you know
Read the papers for signs of a cure
Only my vision's blurred, it's all obscure
Still I'm happy with my hubby and kids
Insisting I'm nothing but an old invalid (I'm 36)
Smiling and joking is the way I'll stay,
MS will never have its wicked way.

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