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Smiling sun JJ Michigan Meet 2004

The Michigan gang

On 31 January 2004, 17 members of Jooly's Joint from around the Michigan area got together for lunch and a few hours of chat at a local Italian restaurant.

Brian (also known as 'Jaydee') helped organised the meet in his home town.

Carol, DaDrummer, Cozy, NancyNancy, Jaydee, NormaPuddy-tat and Jaydee

Norma, Puddy-tat, Widdle PuddyNorma, Puddy-tat, MissTazNorma and Puddy-tat

Here is a list of all who attended :

  • Puddy-tat (Agnes)
  • Mr Puddy (Manuel)
  • Widdle-puddy (Michelle Marie)
  • Mr Puddy's Mom
  • Cozy Sr
  • Ruth
  • Cozy
  • Norma
  • Nancyjay
  • LisaOh
  • MissTaz
  • Mark
  • Taylor
  • DaDrummer (John)
  • Carol
  • Jaydee (Brian)
  • Flea (Mary)

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