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Smiling sun JJ Michigan Meet 2003

From 15-18 May 2003, more than 30 members of Jooly's Joint from around the USA (and even Australia!) met up for a weekend of fun and laughter in Michigan, Missouri.

Brian (also known as 'Jaydee') helped organised the meet in his home town.


All together now!Maxi and LorriMike and Lorri

"The event was in the works for maybe 7 or 8 months", Brian explains.

Jessica and MarkNorma and JimBrian and friends

"We had passed word around Jooly's Joint and elsewhere. The response was very good. For most that attended it was a 4-day event, some 3 days and others longer. It was a lot of fun for all meeting and talking to the faces behind the keyboard.

"My wife and I had been to two previous meets in Ohio and realized how rewarding it is to meet the others with MS.

Brian and friendsGroup shotMike

" The event took place in Auburn Hills Michigan at an AmeriSuites hotel. Normally in May here the weather is perfect for MSers, though that particular weekend was a little chilly. The hotel had an indoor pool so folk could enjoy staying in if so desired.

NormaSarahBrian and Mary

"At the peak of the celebrations on Saturday we had a total of 33 people present. Many chose to get out during their stay to see what the area has to offer. There are very nice shopping malls, museums and many wonderful places to eat here in Michigan.

Deevine and NancyDeanne and JackMaxie

"On Friday evening we all went to a steakhouse and had a wonderful dinner.

"On Saturday we had a guest speaker come in and talk to us, a nurse - Deena - who works for a neurologist. She spoke on the topic of MS and sexuality. It was quite informative and also fun. In fact, there were many giggles! She had slides and video which was quite revealing... just ask anyone that was there!"

GeraldineJimJim and Norma

Brain says, "I want to thank all who attended and helped make the meet happen. It was a lot of work but definitely worth it. Meets like this are an excellent way to share ideas about MS and have some laughs as well... of which there were plenty, I might add!"

Lisa, Loris, Brian, BarbiGeraldine and DeevineSteve

Here is a list of all who attended (the names in brackets are the nicknames people use in the Jooly's Joint chatroom!

  • Deanne (Gmatractor) and Jack from Ohio
  • Sarah (Deevine) from New Hampshire
  • Barbi (Blu) from Ohio
  • Sandra from Michigan
  • Loris (Lollipop) and Brian from Australia
  • Donna (Maxie) from Florida
  • Geraldine (Luna) from Oregon
  • Lorri and Mike from New Jersey
  • Michael, Brenda and Bianca from Michigan
  • Bob and Carol from Michigan
  • Renee (Rene) and daughter Rachel from Michigan
  • Renee (Rene) and daughter Rachel from Michigan
  • Jim (MSJim) from Virginia
  • Steve (Whistler) from Michigan
  • Jessica (Misstaz) and Mark with daughter Taylor
  • Lisa (Lisaoh) from Ohio
  • Norma (Norma) from Michigan
  • Chuck (Chuck) from Ohio
  • Brian (Jaydee) and Mary (Flea) from Michigan
  • Dawn, Nick and Tyler (Jaydee's kids and godson) from Michigan
  • Jim from Michigan Deena from Michigan
  • John (Dadrummer) and Carol in spirit and in our thoughts

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