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Loving Danny

A novel by Hilary Freeman

Loving Danny is a novel by Hilary Freeman

Jooly's Joint member Hilary Freeman is a journalist and agony aunt for CosmoGirl!
Now Hilary turns her considerable talents to writing her first novel.
It's called 'Loving Danny' and it's fabulous!

"Isn't it weird how the truly significant days of your life often begin as the most banal? There you are, just minding your own business, doing something boring and ordinary like buying a Kit Kat or, in my case, catching the number 29 bus home from work, and BOOM - the most momentous and life-changing event happens to you!"

Naomi is restless. She's on her gap year and stuck at home with her parents while all her friends are travelling or away at university. Then she meets Danny, a mysterious and intense musician who opens her eyes to a whole new world around her. Danny is exciting and talented, and his band is on the brink of stardom but there's another Danny that Naomi soon finds out about - the dark, destructive Danny who self-harms. Naomi loves him and wants to save him but she may have to choose to save herself…

Loving Danny is a gripping and emotional read that explores a very difficult issue with sensitivity and awareness. Teenage girls will love it and so will their mums. They may even find their brothers reading it in secret.

Hilary Freeman
Hilary Freeman is an experienced freelance journalist and teen advice expert as well as a frequent contributor to radio and TV programmes, especially on health and relationship issues. She writes regular features for publications including The Times, Daily Express and Daily Mail and is the agony aunt at CosmoGIRL! This is her first novel.

Hilary lives in Camden, North London, with her husband.

Loving Danny is published by CosmoGIRL!/Piccadilly Press priced £5.99.

Order your copy of Loving Danny now from Amazon.

"This is a great read and gave me a unique insight into the mind of the modern teenager. I'm glad I set aside my male prejudices about the pink cover." - Simon Lederman, Presenter BBC Radio London.

"I was unable to put this book down! Hilary has succeeded in capturing the voice of an 18-year-old girl perfectly (it could have been me!) and has delivered an absolutely gripping read. Loving Danny isn't just another teenage love story. It tackles complex issues about relationships and pulls no punches. Through the novel Hilary imparts valuable experience to young women who find themselves out of their depth and deep in love." - Julie, Jooly's Joint

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Congratulations to Una from Yorkshire, UK. Uma correctly told us that Hilary lives in Camden in London. Una's name was drawn at random from the 83 correct entires we received.

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