Jooly's Joint: people with MS supporting each other

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MS Society Lobby of Parliament 2000

On 8th March 2000, a thousand people with MS attended the biggest lobby of British Parliament of its kind in history.

We were protesting about the poor levels of care people with MS are subject to in the UK.

20 members of Jooly's Joint joined the protest. Most of us had never met other people with MS before.

Here are the pictures....

JJ group

JJ lobby activists discuss tactics: Pauline and Terl Bryant (aka the Mayoress and Mayor of Stamford!), Steve Uzzell, Lindsay McClintock

Steve Uzzell

Steve Uzzell wears his JJ t-shirt with pride!


Coats on for a bit of street action: Rob Eggleston, Kate Eggleston, Sara Heptonstall, Lindsay McClintock

JJ members protest at UK lobby

We protest! Outside Methodist Central Hall: Dawn Donovan, Julie Howell, Kate Eggleston, Nessa Folks, Charissa, Trevor Armstrong

At the Department of Health

Outside the Dept of Health, handing in signed postcards for the attention of the Health Minister: Julie Howell, Steve Uzzell, Kate Eggleston, Rob Eggleston

JJ gang

Happy together: (back) Julie Howell, Terl Bryant, Steve Uzzell, Nessa Folks, Charissa, (front) Kate Eggleston, Lindsay McClintock

Happy bunch

Demanding rights with a smile: Rob Eggleston, Nessa Folks, Kate Eggleston, Claire Westgarth, Dawn Donovan, Julie Howell

Around the table

Eating pizza for the cause: On the left: Rob Eggleston, Kate Eggleston, Claire Westgarth, Nessa Folks, Dawn Donovan. On the right: Julie Howell, Charissa, Nessa Folks, Dawn's sister

Claire and Kate

Time to reflect: Claire Westgarth and Kate Eggleston

Jooly counts the money

Money matters: Julie assesses the state of the JJ kitty. Charissa can't look.

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