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Lament for Myelin

By David

Myelin why did you leave me? I’m not strong without you
We were so good together… We were such an active team
I know you can’t return but that doesn’t stop my dream

I met the challenge Myelin and replaced you with my friends
My friends say you were just another protein and I must forget
But it’s so hard to pee without you and then the bed gets wet

We used to walk together but now… I cannot walk at all
Instead of our strolls together I’m with my wheelchair now
She is my dear friend now but oh how I miss you... How?

Remember our rolls in the hay and then THAT all went wrong
You took my manhood away but our three kids came first
I thank you for that Myelin… I still love you for that Myelin

When you were with me
you were the best...
But without you now I am fatigued… and must take a rest

Your love

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