Jooly's Joint: people with MS supporting each other

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Smiling sun Kate is a UK Web Woman!

Kate Eggleston (also known as 'Egg') is 28 and lives with her husband and 2 young daughters on their farm in Nottinghamshire, UK.

Kate has been an active member of the JJ community for several years, taking part in online discussions and joining us on the streets to raise awarness of MS in the UK.


In 2001, Kate featured as a case study in 'UK Web Women', a book all about the different ways women in the UK are using the web for support and information.

Kate took the opportunity to talk about how Jooly's Joint has empowered her since her MS diagnosis.

As Kate says: "I regularly go along to the chatroom at Jooly's Joint where I have a good old natter with all my friends. We're not a depressing group, far from it! We talk about anything and everything, and I'm often in fits of laughter. I'm such a positive person, and I find this is boosted by so many of the people that I chat to online."

UK Web Women

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