Jooly's Joint: people with MS supporting each other

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Smiling sun Judy's video raises MS awareness

Judy Tadman, a Jooly's Joint member from Huddersfield, UK, got together with friends who also have MS to produce an educational video to inform the world about multiple sclerosis.

'Me, MS and the World' features Judy, Katy White and Steve Hobson, all of whom have faced the challenge of adapting their busy lives after MS was diagnosed.

Me, MS and the World video cover

Thanks to a grant from the Community Media Association Millennium Awards scheme, Judy and friends were able to create this short video that tells real stories about life with MS from the unique perspectives of three very different people.

Judy says, "We hope to help others affected by MS to feel more confident about the future. Our video also provides a valuable insight for health professionals who are learning to understand the impact of MS on the emotional health of people who are affected by the condition."

Judy goes on to say, "We would like as many people to see the video as possible. We hope doctors surgeries, hospital neurology departments, MS societies and other places that people with MS visit regularly will be interested in having a copy the film."

Katy White

If you would like to order a copy of 'Me, MS and the World' (priced at £5.00), drop an email to Judy for further information at
(Note: the video is only available in PAL VHS format for viewing on UK video players.)

Steve Hobson

Judy Tadman

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