Jooly's Joint: people with MS supporting each other

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Smiling sun Josie and pals pay tribute to legendary rocker!

Josie with Rod's sister MaryJooly's Joint member Josie from the UK joined hundreds of Rod Stewart fans in a tribute to the legendary rocker.

The event took place in Ribby Hall Holiday Village at Wrea Green, near Blackpool, UK from 12-14 March 2004.

Josie picks up the story:

"What a weekend! Did we rock!

"I had the pleasure of being invited to this wonderful event by my brother and sister-in-law who are ardent Rod Stewart fans. I love his music, but had never been to one of his tribute events.

"Tribute nights are held annually to raise funds for the charity of Rod's choice. As both Rod's mother and his sister had MS this year's event was held in support of the MS Society.

"I bumped into Rod's sister Mary in the ladies toilet (of all places!) and had the pleasure of talking to her.

"The event featured three nights of singing, dancing, raffles, auctions, prize bingo and tribute singers, who dressed and sounded just like Rod Stewart!

"Items up for auction included a pair of Rod's trousers (from when he was in the rock band 'The Faces'), a signed photo of Rod and a signed guitar that belonged to the man himself.

"Last year, a similar guitar sold for £1700, and my brother bid up to £1000 until my sister-in-law sat on him!

"This year the decided to raffle the guitar and £5 a ticket was too good to miss. Unfortunately, my brother didn't win, and had to be consoled by having his picture taken alongside the guitar.

"It was a very hectic by thoroughly enjoyable weekend, and a grand total of £6300 was raised for the MS Society."

Josie and Sean

Josie's brother Sean with Rod Stewart's guitar

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