Jooly's Joint: people with MS supporting each other

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Smiling sun Joanne becomes published author!

Jooly's Joint member 'jojo*newf', also known as Joanne Blundell Marsh from Newfoundland, Canada, is celebrating the publication of her autobiography 'A Child of the King'.

33-year-old Joanne, who is married with two children, has been a member of Jooly's Joint since April 2000.

Joanne explains why she felt inspired to write the story of her life and her experience of living with MS.

"I was diagnosed with relapsing remitting MS in September '98.

Joanne Blundell Marsh

"Prior to my diagnosis I worked as a self-employed Cosmetologist. I was blessed to have a Salon in my home and did quite well as a business person. I was very ambitious and it helped me to become successful.

"Following my diagnosis, I discovered it was far too difficult to continue my business to its full potential. My illness required me to close my Salon leaving me retired at the age of 29. This was tremendously hard to deal with initially but time seemed to take care of some of my grief.

"With many hours of free time, I was constantly seeking ways to occupy myself. Reading became an important part of my day. I was very interested in hearing stories of hope and victory about others inflicted with disease.

A Child of the King"One particular account touched me and enticed me to pen my story. Although I had never considered having my experiences published, today 'A Child of the King' is in circulation for anyone to read. It is an inspirational, spiritual account of my diagnosis of MS. Within its pages are experiences that I feel would motivate others. My story, while nothing extraordinary, is a true tale of a person rising above challenges to ensure a life of meaning."

Since her book was published, Joanne has been invited to talk to several groups, and has received many letters of encouragement: "Already people have written to me to say they are being motivated and strengthened by my writing. Realizing this makes the journey so worthwhile. I hope that all those who have the opportunity to read 'A Child of the King' will be able to take some inspiration from it."

On her membership of Jooly's Joint, Joanne says "Being able to chat to others affected by MS is a great tool of encouragement for me. The friendships I have made via JJ's are of great worth to me".

April 2004: Joanne has published a second book: 'Coffee Sweeteners: a collection of realistic anecdotes to arouse and inspire the sleepy soul'.

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