Jooly's Joint: people with MS supporting each other

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* JJ members meet thanks to Northwest Airlines!

Sharon and Jill

Two women who have MS met for the first time in May 2000, thanks to Northwest Airlines and Jooly's Joint. Sharon Colvin of St. Paul, Minnesota, and Jill Henry of Montana had been email pen pals for a year. They wanted to meet each other but neither could afford a ticket - so Jill wrote a letter to Northwest Airlines in January 2000 explaining why she wanted to meet her best friend Sharon.

The airlines generously provided Jill and her mother with tickets to meet Sharon face-to-face on Wednesday, May 17 2000. "Our story is quite unique," says Jill Henry. "Sharon and I both have MS and met at Jooly's Joint. Sharon is the best thing that ever happened to me."

* Sharon's story...

"About a year ago I met Jill on the Parents with MS club. Since then we have become the best of friends. We talk on the telephone and chat online when ever we can. We even exchanged Christmas and Birthday gifts.

"Jill has become an important part of my life. She is always there for me, I used to get very depressed about my MS, but since I met Jill I am a different person.

"I am from Minnesota and Jill is from Montana. We had plans to meet each other in May of 2000. Jill was going to come here to Minnesota after she finishes school. But then her husband lost his job right before Christmas and is still out of work. So we had to put our meeting on hold.

"We decided to send our story to Northwest Airlines asking for help with airfare. They reponded with great news, they are sending Jill to meet me in Minnesota and are also going to do a story on us. I can't wait to meet my best friend in person. Without JJ I would have never met my best friend Jill."

* Jill's story...

"Without Jooly's Joint, I would have never met my best friend, Sharon, and we most definitely would have never had the opportunity to meet. The trip was fantastic. Sharon and her family are wonderful people that mean the world to me, and I can't wait for them to come to visit me and my family next year here in Montana."

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