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Smiling sun Hilary reaches book award shortlist!

'Loving Danny', a novel by journalist, author and JJ member Hilary Freeman, reached the final stages of the Lancashire Children's Book of the Year Award 2007.


Loving Danny is a novel by Hilary Freeman

The Award is judged by a panel of 24 14-year-olds from schools around Lancashire, guided by children's author Hazel Townson.

Ten books were been shortlisted after the young judges read a staggering 116 titles submitted this year.

The shortlist comprised ten books, ranging from horror through to drama and adventure:

  • 'The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas' by John Boyne
  • 'Monkey Taming' by Judith Fatallah
  • 'Loving Danny' by Hilary Freeman
  • 'Don't Tell' by Sandra Glover
  • 'Evil Star' by Anthony Horowitz
  • 'Henry Tumour' by Anthony McGowan
  • 'Let's Get Lost' by Sarra Manning
  • 'Divine Madness' by Robert Muchamore
  • 'Just in Case' by Meg Rosoff
  • 'Demon Thief' by Darren Shan

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