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Smiling sun Hilary is our 'Pen Idol'!

Journalist and JJ member Hilary Freeman reached the final stages of a British newspaper's quest to find the UK's 'Pen Idol'.


Hilary entered the competition in the 'Daily Express', a national newspaper, very famous in the UK. The aim of the competition was to find 'the new voice of Britain'.

The prize was a year's contract as a weekly columnist with the paper. Although she didn't win the prize, Hilary's entry was judged to be one of the best.

Here's Hilary's entry:

"Following my shock at the news of yet another dreadful train crash, just one thought strikes me. Call me selfish, but I¹ll never get the opportunity to make this point publicly again. I hereby wish it to be known that should I ever be unfortunate enough to be involved in a major disaster, I do not want any members of the Royal Family/ Government/ Atomic Kitten to visit me in my hospital bed.

"My reason is perfectly sound. The rules governing what may be administered to patients in NHS hospitals (food lacking in nutrients, antibiotic-resistant bugs, 12 hours wait on a trolley) are strict and based on empirical evidence. But as far as I'm aware, there has never been a double-blind, placebo controlled trial measuring how visits by public figures affect the healing process. Just imagine the heart-stopping surprise of coming round to find Prince Charles crouched over your bed. Perhaps the Queen might like to fund such a study (using the money she¹s saved on inheritance tax).

"I know expressing this view is certain to scupper my (already very remote) chances of being awarded an O/M/CBE, but I can¹t be alone in this sentiment. Surely the time that politicians and dignitaries spend 'comforting¹ the wounded and traumatised would be far better spent in meetings to make sure such disasters are never repeated. Or, better still, in the case of Stephen Byers, by writing a resignation letter.

"Oh, all right then. Prince William can come, but only if someone brings me my make-up bag first."

Well done Hilary!

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