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Jooly's Joint wouldn't survive without your support. People often ask me if they can help out in some way. The answer is 'yes you can!'.

How is Jooly's Joint funded?

From time to time, I apply to the MS Society of Great Britain and Northern Ireland for a grant to cover my (very low) costs. Their support has been wonderful, and much appreciated. To date, the Society has paid for my computer and has helped out with my phone bills. The Society also publicises Jooly's Joint in their literature and this is of great help in bringing newly diagnosed people to the service.

The Jooly's Joint website is hosted by Eurobell, free of charge. This represents a saving of around 300 UK pounds per year. Many thanks to Eurobell (and Steve Darrall) for this much-valued support.

A number of other companies have helped by donating competition prizes and through sponsorship of JJ meetings. Wilson/Petersen Real Estate sponsored the creation of JJ Koolties and Sun Microsystems sponsored the JJUK 2000 party.

Everything else is provided by me - Julie Howell. It's my great pleasure to bring Jooly's Joint to you, and I will always give freely of my time and resources.

How you can help!

  • Be a pal - our webpal boards list hundreds of people who wish to hear from someone with MS. Our chat room is often full of people that would appreciate a listening ear. Our forum and email lists are brimming with people hoping for support. Use these services and be a friend to someone who needs to talk. You could find a lifelong pal, and you'll reap the rewards of simply being able to help someone.

  • Participate - Jooly's Joint has around 10,000 members worldwide. Many of the people that come here read the site, but don't participate. This community is for everyone with MS, so please join in and encourage others to do so by being friendly and welcoming. A community which is buzzing with activity will have a long life.

  • Send me your ideas - almost every Jooly's Joint service was started in response to a request from a community member. Your ideas are very important to me, so send them through!

  • Tell your friends - the more people who know about Jooly's Joint, the better connected the community becomes. Tell everyone you know!

  • Tell your MS Society - in the UK, the MS Society actively promotes Jooly's Joint and it really makes a difference. Print out some pages and send them to your local Society. MS Societies are often the first point of contact for newly diagnosed people, so the more they know about Jooly's Joint, the more people they can direct here.

  • Buy a book - if you order a book on any subject from our Bookstore, Jooly's Joint receives a small amount in commission.

  • Campaign for web accessibility - many people with MS have sight problems which make using the web difficult when sites are poorly designed. People with MS have the right to read every site on the web, so if you come across a site which is hard to use, tell the webmaster your problem and refer them to an organisation like RNIB for advice.

  • Help more people with MS get online - if you're reading this, you're an internet expert! Contact people with MS who are not yet online and see if you can help them get access to the internet.

  • Link to Jooly's Joint - if you have a web site, I'd really appreciate a link. The Jooly's Joint web site address is You may copy and use the banner below for the link.
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