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Smiling sun JJUK Great Yarmouth Meet 10 May 2003

Royal Hotel, Great YarmouthMembers of Jooly's Joint from around the UK got together for an evening of fun, chat and vodka (a certain person smuggled in her own bottle!) in Great Yarmouth on Saturday 10 May 2003.

The venue was the Royal Hotel, where 15 members of JJUK, our friends and family members gathered for a great night of 'loony moos' (you had to be there!), food and wine, and lots of laughter.

Many of us had known each other for years, but not met face-to-face until now! For some of us, it was the first time we'd met anyone else with MS.

Tony and Lynne


The party included Sandie and Arf from Norfolk, Ann and partner from London, Jill and partner from Medway, Caron from Worthing, Tony from York, Lisa from Spondon, Lynne from Langley Mill, Lynn and Paddy from London, Nicky and friend Jenny, and I was there too (Julie of Jooly's Joint).

We caused a little bit of chaos at dinner, by insisting that we all sit at one long table, rather than four tables of four! The grub was 'interesting'... particularly good for those on a diet!!

A hardy few finished the evening off with a bracing midnight stroll along the prom.

Some of us stayed the night at the hotel and met up for breakfast and more chat on Sunday morning (though I don't know how you all managed to be so perky at 9:30am!).

We'll let the pictures tell the rest of the story!

Lynn and Paddy Caron and Nikki Lisa, Tony, Lynne Ann and partner
Caron, Nikki, Jooly Tony and Lynne Arf and Ginge Everyone around the table
Arf and Ginge Lynne Caron and Nikki Lisa and Tony
Jooly and Ginge Arf, Jooly, Ginge Arf, Jooly and Ginge with her tongue out! Jooly and Ginge
Nikki, Jooly Nikki, Jooly Nikki, Jooly Nikki, Jooly
Lisa with the Loony Moo (that's the cow, not Caron!)

Insert pic of Jill smiling...!!!
(she was deep in thought in most of the shots Jooly managed to take!)


Be sure to join us next time!

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