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Daily Mail, Tuesday 16 September 2003

Problems of MS

(Letter from Jooly's Joint member Diane Smithson)

As a person with MS, I find that it is a really misunderstood disease. All those who suffer from this dreadful, debilitating illness have their own individual symptoms.

One of the most cruel things about this disease is that even though it is a neurological disease, it mainly affects the central nervous system, either the sensory nerves, or peripheral nerves, causing the body to go into spasm.

Mrs Wolstenholm has chosen not to take medication that relaxes the muscles and that is her choice.

Medications can cause devastating effects elsewhere in the body.

There is so little funding for this illness that if it wasn't for certain charities, sufferers would not receive the help that they so desperately need.

When, last week, the media reported that millions of pounds were being put aside towards IVF treatment, it was nothing short of rubbing MS sufferers' noses in it, as well as other people who suffer from other illnesses, such as cancer and heart problems.

I am sure that Mrs Wolstenholme in her life has made all the necessary contributions, and she should get the care that she deserves.

Mrs Diane Smithson
South Norwood, London

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