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What is it?!

by Dave

I remember those weeks when the wife began to slow down, and the trapped nerve in her neck, which affected her left leg, began to get worse.

Nothing to worry about they said, it takes along time to go away some times. This will not beat me, you said, and we continued to go on holidays with our friends, and although we still enjoyed these outings, it was becoming harder to last the day, and we found that often we would return home, long before the evening was complete.

The night you collapsed at the dance, they laughed, and said it was the drink, but I knew that was untrue, orange juice may be good, but not that good.

The long wait in a hospital bed, nurses coming doctors going, whispers behind the curtains, we are waiting for the results they said, more whispers, we began to be afraid, why won't they say anything, why do they keep smiling at us, we both began to feel like aliens shut behind a hospital curtain, waiting, waiting and at last the doctor who had the results turned up.

As he brushed away the curtains he glanced at us both and then glared at the notes he had in his hand, MS he said, don't worry he said, someone will be round later to explain.

I held your hand, our eyes met, tears began to fall, we were lost, alone behind those bloody curtains, MS he said, MS hum, please somebody explain, is my wife going to live or what!, is a cure possible, can I catch it, can the children catch it , what is MS!

At last a visit from another doctor, this one is smiling, is he mad, you have MS, if he continues to grin I may lose control, don't worry he said, nobody has died of MS, in fact many people go through life with it and never know. What is it we ask, don't worry he said, have a cup of tea, he then assures us both that after a course of treatment, everything will be okay, and he promised that you would be able to drive our car, which surprised us both, because you couldn't drive before you had MS.

That was ten years ago, we still ask doctors for help, but they now ask us what is MS. Our friends have all gone blind, because when we see them in town they can't see us, or does MS make you invisible, if they happen to bump into us they kindly ask me how are you doing, even though your next to me, you must be invisible! People who do speak to you, also believe you are deaf, because they shout, and talk slowly. You use to get upset, but we learn things in this world, that ordinary people will never understand, that being different, also means being special.

I gave up work, and together we face a new world, each day is now different, each dawn a new challenge, and the strength of the support of others with MS is better than all the tablets, which rattle around inside you. MS is a bit like the X files, the truth is out there, we just have to find it. Support and communicate and positive thoughts, our new friends, or as we call them, our Special friends are always around and never turn away. MS is special, no two cases are the same, it's the people that matter, and I believe that MS makes a bond which is not understood by ordinary people. Look at life, adjust life, live it the full.

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