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MS can be cool???

Is MS all bad?

Or can there be moments when having MS puts us at a slight advantage?

We think so!

  • 'I'm having a relapse' is a good excuse to avoid shopping
  • My golf handicap's gone from 9 to 21 in 10 months (dark side: that's still too low by 10)
  • Wobbly legs make Elvis impersonations easier
  • My company put air-conditioning in my car
  • I can park for free now
  • Due to numbness I don't feel my injections
  • I now have all the time I want to be online
  • The Government has more paperwork to go through than I do
  • Shoes last forever when you use a wheelchair
  • My husband finally learned how to cook
  • Peeing a lot causes reduction in water weight
  • Insomnia allows me to stay up late enough to watch Red Dwarf
  • I have my own hunky valet
  • Waxing my legs doesn't hurt as much as it used to
  • It's cheaper than getting drunk, but with the same effect
  • Librarians are less likely to scream about an overdue library charge when they see me either in my wheelchair or trying to walk with my leg brace and cane
  • I get to go to the front of the line in Disney World
  • I have a ready excuse to leave a boring party
  • I get to park closer to the stores in winter
  • I get to board the airplane before anyone else does
  • I'm able to read a book on my lap whilst I queue for tickets
  • The queues for the disabled loos are shorter at music festivals
  • I don't have to clean the toilets any more
  • I get to park my little car amongst the Jaguars in the manager's car park in front of the office
  • When you're in a wheelchair nobody sees your ass!

The thoughts on this page are just for fun and not intended to offend! They were submitted by members of the Jooly's Joint community, all of whom live with MS. Many of us feel that life with a condition like MS can still be joyful. We're pleased to share a little of our good humour with the world.

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