Jooly's Joint: people with MS supporting each other

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Smiling sun Friendship blossoms!

Connie and KeithGood friends Connie and Keith are what Jooly's Joint is all about.

They have both been members of the Jooly's Joint webpal members for several years. In fact, that's how they met!

And now Connie and Keith have met face to face, despite living on opposite sides of the Atlantic Ocean!

Connie is 38 and lives in Nashville, Tennessee in the USA. Connie explains how she came to meet Keith through Jooly's Joint.

"I was diagnosed with MS in October 1996. In my desperate search for information, I stumbled across Jooly's Joint.

"It was here that I placed an ad for a webpal, though not expecting to actually find anyone who might respond. In fact, several very nice people got in touch! They were all in the same boat that I found myself in.

"Since then, we have formed lifelong friendships! Vivien was the first who responded, then Malcolm wrote, and last but certainly not least, Keith from the UK wrote to me. The rest is history, and my days are simply not complete unless I can open my email box and find letters from these fine people.

"Keith has just returned to England from visiting me on a 10 day holiday from West Yorkshire. What a grand time we had sightseeing Nashville. The picture shown above was taken at the Parthenon in Nashville.

"Keith truly a friend for life. Of course we both have our own families, but the connection that we share due to the MS, as well as our similiar interests, has created a friendship that will last forever.

"Keith has primary progressive MS, and mine is relapsing remitting. I expect both of us looked a bit odd staggering about the streets of Nashville, but we did not let our MS stand in the way of a great holiday.

Keith adds, "I stayed with Connie and her husband for 10 days and had an absolutely wonderful time.

"Connie and Walter were great hosts and we went to Graceland, Memphis and to the Grand Ol' Opry show in Nashville amongst many other delights."

Connie says, "I hope to travel with my husband to England within the next two years, and there I can meet Keith again, along with my other webpal Vivien in Worcester. Both of them are so very dear to my heart."

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