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Smiling sun Caron braves the wrath of Anne!

On Wednesday 18 April 2001, JJ member Caron Garod from Worthing, UK took part in the popular BBC TV quiz show 'The Weakest Link'.

Caron is our strongest link!

The Weakest Link is the UK's most popular quiz show

General knowledge quiz 'The Weakest Link' is wowing audiences around the globe.

The panelists line up

The contestants line up for the start of the quiz (Caron is on the far right).

Caron votes for Richard to leave the team

Caron votes for Richard, whom she feels was the weakest player by the end of the round.

Anne Robinson is a caustic interrogator!

Anne Robinson asks Caron that fateful question.

Caron considers Anne's question

The seconds tick past as Caron searches for the answer to her question.

Caron leaves the stage

Caron sets out on the 'walk of shame'.

Caron is gracious in defeat

Caron made it to the end of round 2, and is relieved when the pressure is off!

Caron, 35 ("was a secret but then I had to say it out loud on TV!"), only entered for The Weakest Link after watching an episode while at her computer one afternoon.

Caron writes:

It was one of those "I can do that" moments, and as they gave out their email address at the end of the show, and I happened to be at the computer. I filled out the application form they sent me, and thought no more about it until my mobile rang while I was at the hairdressers one morning.

"I'm from the Weakest Link", said the girl. "Do you mind if I ask you a few questions?"

"Of course not" (thinking 'I have 3 children...'etc.)"

"Where in your body would you find your patella?"!!!

"Er ...In your leg, somewhere".

This was followed by another 9 general knowledge questions, and I managed to get 8 out of 10 (not to mention a few funny looks from everyone else in the hairdressers!) Then I had to go to London for an audition, which was fun - especially meeting up with Jooly, as her office was almost directly opposite the pub in which I stopped for some Dutch Courage!

We played a couple of rounds of the game, and did the "bitter & twisted" interview bit.

I was contacted a week before the show was to be filmed, and told to bring three outfits, but: no black, no white, no red; no jeans; no dresses; no busy patterns! That was most of my wardrobe out of the window! Oh - and no logos - so bang went my idea of wearing a JJ t-shirt! My daughter (7) and I went shopping and came home with a 'lovely' pink outfit, which made me look like a King Prawn! So I opted for beige, and off I went!

The show was due to be filmed at 10am, which involved getting to the studio at 7.15am(!!) so the BBC put all the contestants in a hotel for the night before. When it says at the start of the show that "these people have never met before" they neglect to mention that they have all been in the hotel bar the night before!

Bleary-eyed, we staggered into the studio the following morning for a briefing and make-up, etc.. I don't know what they did to my hair, but even with a whole bottle of Frizz serum I have never been able to achieve the same effect since!

We went into the actual studio and had a couple of rounds rehearsal, and practiced introducing ourselves to the camera. Anne Robinson (who is actually tiny!) came and said "Hello" to each of us, and we were away!

The rest of it is a bit of a blur, to be honest. I banked the £1000 in the first round - but by sheer fluke - the numbers were swimming before my eyes by that stage! Then in the second round came my 'fatal' mistake - 8 dozen eggs does not mean you have 72! I was voted off in the second round and when I saw my name come up time after time, I have to say I was amazed - I really didn't think I had done that badly! Having said that, I didn't manage to pick the Weakest Link either - in fact the chap I voted for went on to win.

After doing the 'Walk of Shame' (twice! Once in long-shot and once in close-up!) you are taken off to do the interview. That's when they tell you whether you were the 'Weakest Link', how many you got wrong etc.. Given another 5 minutes I might have felt bitter and twisted, but at the time I was just relieved to be off! It has been said that the only time I smiled was when Anne told me I could go!

Back in the Green Room, we could watch the rest of the show being filmed. Altogether it takes about 3 hours to put together what you see on the screen. I wouldn't have missed doing it for the world, although it is not an experience I would care to repeat!

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