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Smiling sun Candy clinches publishing deal!

Candy Desrosiers Poet and Jooly's Joint member Candy Desrosiers has secured a publishing deal for her poetry books and an agent to help her promote them.

Candy aka Mommybear2 writes:

"I was diagnosed with primary progressive MS in 1994. I'm married to a wonderful man named Phil, and have 2 great children. My daughter, Tara, is 16 and my son, Phillip Jr., is 9.

I have been writing since high school and always knew I wanted to be a poet and author. I had never really done anything about it until recently when I was asked by members of the Crazy Tourneys group, a cribbage group of the Internet Gaming Zone, to put my poems into book form so they could all buy them.

I began to enter poetry contests and the poems were chosen to be published by the International Library of Poetry. It was so exciting.

I started to post some of my poetry on my message board just because I felt like sharing it. Everyone asked where they could purchase it and I had to tell them it was not available in book form as of yet. With their requests and my husband's constant encouragement and praise, I emailed query letters to about 10 agents.

The very next morning, I received a request for the entire manuscripts of the poetry books. I was ecstatic. Then, about two weeks after mailing the copies of the books to her, I received the reply along with a contract. She said she would be honored to be my agent and she was very impressed with my work. She also said she was sure the publishers would be clamoring for the books.

The poetry books are entitled, 'Gardens of My Mind: A collection of My Favorite Work's and 'Gardens of My Mind: Seeds From Whence I Came'.

And so here I am with an agent and 2 poetry books in the works. Through much urging from people on the Zone, and much encouragement and insistence from my husband, I am writing a book about my trials and triumphs through MS. It will be entitled, 'Invisible Chains: My Journey Into Freedom'."

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