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A little inspiration Poems by Candy Desrosiers


He is the glue that holds together the fractured pieces of my life.
He is the lifeblood that flows through me and keeps me from strife.
When I'm in pain, he holds me and kisses my hand.
When I have trouble walking, he helps me to stand.
When my memory is swiss cheese, he fills in the blanks.
And when I have no energy , he does the dishes without expecting any thanks.

He puts me on the couch to rest;
And then keeps the kids quiet - or at least he does his best!
When I am depressed, he lends an ear and a shoulder to cry on.
He's always there with a joke or a pun.

He loves me despite all the habits that grate on his nerves.
He is my best friend, my confidante, my lover, my all.
He has been and always will be
My soulmate.

Awake again

The house is filled with a church-like quiet.
Once again I sit staring mindlessly at the TV
Without really seeing what's happening on it.
The screen sheds the only light in the place.
The clock says three am, I should not be awake!
But my head is thumping like a huge bass drum
And both my arms are starting to go numb.

I pad across the carpet in my gown and bare feet,
Pour a glass of milk and rummage for something to eat.
I swallow some aspirin and reach for the chips;
And then think better of it.
Eating at this hour definitely will not help my diet.
And so... I go back to the living room, climb into my seat;
Too tired to be awake; too much pain to sleep!


I watched as she stood rooted to the linoleum;
Like a deer with nowhere to run.
Her eyes half-glazed and brimming with tears,
Arms flailing about; shouts falling on deaf ears.

The kids stared in disbelief at this woman crazed;
Unable to fathom what caused this rage.
The petty sibling bickering shut off like a light
And now they were glued to their seats with fright.

I tried to make her stop, but she wouldn't hear.
She continued to shout though the words were unclear.
There was pain in her eyes as the words poured forth
And suddenly within me she struck a chord.

It wasn't possible! How could this be?
Terror gripped my soul as I realized
that crazed, sobbing woman was me.

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