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Smiling sun Friends meet for drinks in Burry Port!

Jan, Dave and Lynne

On 20 August 2003, members of Jooly's Joint met up in Burry Port, Wales for an afternoon of laughs and chat.

Jacqui from Pembrokeshire picks up the story...

"Having travelled through Burry Port for over 50 years, this was to be a first for me. As promised, Lynne and Tony were waitng at the station for me, Dave and Jan arriving a few minutes later.

"Tony had done his homework and found us a pub nearby. There was soon plenty of chit-chat, laughter, and our meal was very nice.

"All too soon it was time to go our own seperate ways. Tony and Lynne took the children to the beach, while Dave, Jan and myself walked around the harbour, indulging in a naughty but very nice ice cream.

"Dave had his famous powertrike and allowed me to have a go - it was great! A little boy with his eye on it too!

"Hopefully it won't be too long before we meet up again."

Jacqui and Dave

Jacqui and Dave

Tony and Lynne

Lynne and Tony

Jan and Dave

Jan and Dave


Dave on his Powertrike

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